Drawing Animals is not as difficult as it seems

Everyone loves drawings of animals, especially drawings of your favourite pet.

But just how do you manage to draw then when they just won’t keep still?

Well, the usual trick is to take a reference photograph and work from that, but of course if you can work from life, such as when your cat or dog is asleep, then just do that.  You can also make some very quick sketches to start with so that you can capture their basic form, but then use a photograph to complete the details.


If you would like to learn the real techniques of drawing animals, there is a great DVD available from Adam Valentine that takes you right through the whole process. It is almost a full two hours long and you can see how the process works step by step.

Not only are the techniques he covers going to bring your artistic skills up a level, but you will find that you can also use them for every type of drawing to make them more realistic and accurate. Shading in particular is a difficult topic and you can see from Adam’s drawing that by getting this right your drawing immediately takes on a much more professional look.

The Learn to Draw a Horse DVD is available here. It is well worth getting just to watch an expert working but also look out for the bonus offer of a print that comes with it.