Drawing Lessons

The pages here are a few drawing lessons from a mini-drawing course.

If you take care to follow them from the first to the last, and also try out the exercises that some of them include, then you will see your drawing skills improve immediately.

Start with these:

  • Learn to see like and artist – this helps you understand why some people can draw and others think they can not.
  • The sides of the brain – explains what you need to change to help you draw well
  • Upside down drawing – this is a real eye opener and will show you that you can draw
  • Drawing without looking – a great way to develop your artistic skills
  • Outline drawing – when you have done the exercies you will see how much progress you have made

The other pages will help you with many other parts of your drawing – just dip into them whenever you need to or want to remind yourself of how to do things.

Drawing Sketch Book

The best thing you can do if you are serious about learning how to draw is to practice every day, even if just for a few minutes. Look around you, and keep a small sketch book handy. There are all sorts of things that are there just waiting for you to note in your sketch book.

It is especially good to just draw without looking at your work for long periods – it helps you to get your hand-eye co-ordination just right.

Here is a page from one of my old sketch books. Each littel figure was done in about a minute or less becasue they were always moving about so there was very little time to do much detail.

The point of doing a few quick sketches is to get your brain, your eyes and hands working together – to forget your surroundings and to concentrate on following lines, looking for shapes and shadows an recording what is in front of you – not just making it up.

sketch book

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