Light and Shadow

One of the skills that must be acquired by any artist is the ability to portray three dimensional shapes on the two dimensional page. This is done by creating areas of light and dark in the picture that fool the brain into believing that the image is actually three dimensional. However seeing and then drawing

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It is difficult to over-emphasise how important it is to get into the habit of sketching. You need to do sketches wherever and whenever you have the opportunity. So take a small spiral bound sketch book around with you all the time. It only needs to be small – just 7” by 5” will

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How to hold a pencil

Has it occurred to you that there is more than one way to hold a pencil for drawing?

Many new artists simply hold the drawing pencil in the same way as the pen they use to write with and that can be one of the reasons they get disappointing results from their first efforts. There

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