Drawing Lessons

The pages here are a few drawing lessons from a mini-drawing course.

If you take care to follow them from the first to the last, and also try out the exercises that some of them include, then you will see your drawing skills improve immediately.

Start with these:

Learn to see like and artist –

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See like an artist

If you would love to be able to create a drawing that you are proud of and one that will be admired by others who see it, then first you need to learn to see like an artist.

Drawing is the basis of many types of art from painting in oils or watercolour, to cartoons

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The Artistic Side of the Brain

No matter how good or bad you think they are, you are certain to improve by following these tips and competing the exercises

First, let’s look at how we use our brain to draw and do other things.

The left and right sides of the brain

Seen from above your brain has two distinct parts,

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Draw Upside Down

One of the best ways to make sure that the left side of the brain does not interfere with your drawing is to remove its ability to recognise things, by drawing something upside down. When presented with an upside down image, the left side of the brain has great difficulty in identifying the patterns it

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Drawing without looking

Things really start to get interesting when you realise that you don’t have to look at your paper when you draw. You’ll start to feel some of the excitement of being able to draw with some totally new techniques. The results may not be exactly what you expect at first, but they will lead you

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Draw an Outline

Outline drawing develops the idea of drawing without looking and undertakes a slightly modified type of drawing, which is still based on careful observation and deliberate slow movements of the pencil.

It is often called modified contour or outline drawing, because it is still based on drawing the outline of the shapes that make up

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Negative spaces

You may know that the left part of your brain loves to be able to name objects. It uses our preconceived ideas of what things should look like to cause enough confusion in our minds so that we are unable to draw what we actually see, and end up drawing what we think we see.

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