Have you ever wanted to learn to draw?

Have you been disappointed with your attempts at drawing so far?

Congratulations, you have found the place where you can learn some of the basic drawing skills you may have missed that will teach you how to draw within a few days.

My name is David Turner and I have been drawing for as long as I can remember.  A lot of people I meet think that they have no talent for drawing and have been put off trying a long time ago. That is a real shame because drawing can bring a fantastic sense of satisfaction and fulfilment into your life. It can also help you to relax, and spend some time away from the daily chores and other responsibilities. It lets you spend some quality time on yourself.

To help people who have been disappointed in their drawing attempts so far, I have created a FREE Mini-course to get you started.  Click the Drawing Lessons tab above and try one lesson a day for 5 days, and as you work your way through it by doing the exercises in it,  you will learn drawing techniques so your drawing skills will improve beyond recognition.

In my FREE Learn Drawing Mini-course, You’ll Discover:


  • Drawing is a skill that can be learnt by anyone.
  • Techniques that teach you how to draw without thinking about it.
  • Drawing tricks that you were probably never taught in school.
  • How to see things with an ‘artists eye’
  • How to use the ‘creative’ side of your brain
  • How to stop drawing what you think you see instead of what is there
  • Drawing techniques for complex shapes
  • Why Outline drawing is important
  • How to see space and draw it
  • How to draw without looking
  • How to improve your hand-eye coordination
  • Confidence building as you can see improvements
  • Why positive and negative spaces will help you draw
  • … and more important, it will give you the confidence to start drawing more often and this will increase your confidence, your skills and your ability to be creative whenever you want.

Remember that drawing is just one type of art, but it is vital as a step into all sorts of other fields, such as oil, water colour and acrylic painting, sculpture, drawing cartoons and illustrations, and many, many more creative areas. Once you are confident with your drawing you will feel more able to tackle all sorts of other projects.

So, don’t delay, try the FREE Mini-course. You have nothing to lose and you may have a lot to gain.

By taking my free mini-course, you will be able to transform your drawing ability in a week or less, as long as you put in some practice and follow it through.


You will have to do some practice, but it is a great investment of your time.